11/18 - Tender 685 & REHAB 68 had planned to assist Edinboro at a Structural Burn Class on Fry Rd on Sunday morning. 

Shortly before 09:00, Cranesville was dispatched to a structure fire on Miller Rd. 685 was detailed to the structure fire in place of 385 as they were committed at the scene of the structure burn. Chief 380 rode with Tender 685 to the fire and assisted with water supply operations. 685 arrived and supplied Platea's Tender then hauled several more loads of water from a fill site several miles away.  Once the fire was placed under control Tender 685 was cleared by command to return to the structural burn. 

Being in the Department 60's 1st due, there were many West County departments that Kuhl Hose normally doesn't get the opportunity to work with. Despite that fact all crews work together well as if they train together often.

After returning to the burn class, Tender 685 shuttled several loads of water before being released for the day.  Rehab 68 with the help of Edinboro EMS assisted at the scene of the burn class by providing a place for rest, hydration and medical monitoring before returning to work.