05/05 - After several months of discussion and planning, Kuhl Hose & Edinboro crews participated in a Sunday training session in Busti, New York. The Busti Fire Chief requested assistance to review different concepts in Rapid Intervention, MAYDAY and accountability presented from our perspective. Firefighters from Busti, Panama, Kiantone, Clymer and Lakewood in Chautauqua County's 3rd Battalion attended. 380 and 680 held a round table discussion on how both Kuhl Hose & Edinboro work together when called for RIT. The discussion continued with how we incorporate a RIT officer on the scene, as well as implement polices and training for MAYDAY and accountability.

During the group discussion, crews set up RIT equipment and scenarios to use for the remainder of the day. Use of specialized RIT equipment as well as tips and techniques were presented. One skill station reviewed mask change over and review of the new SCOTT RIT pack as well as the older style that some departments use. Other skill stations included drags and carries, extrication, exterior operations, below grade rescue and personal equipment use. At the end of the day, several integrated evolutions were conducted with positive feedback.

We presented as many ideas and suggestions as possible, all from things we have learned but also from our practical experience. But also we learned several new things to bring back to our our departments. Special thanks to the Busti, NY FD for the invite and hospitality.