5/29- On Tuesday night the National Weather Service Office in Cleveland issued a Tornado Warning for Erie County. A funnel cloud was spotted near Franklin Township traveling east toward Edinboro, Waterford and Union City.  Over the next hour the storm passed through southern Erie County leaving significant spots of damage in its wake. Union City was one area hard hit.  Shortly after the storm passed the Union City Fire Department began assessment and recovery of their town, requesting help from multiple mutual aid Fire, EMS, EMA and Law Enforecement agencies.
Just after 20:00, Kuhl Hose responded with manpower on 682 and 689 to assist with the task. Upon arrival at Station 113 units checked in with command.  The Command staff  mapped and split the boro into zones for assessment and care of any displaced or potentially injured residents. Working in teams, Kuhl Hose crews surveyed an approximately 1/2 square mile of streets, residences and businesses. Many trees and wires were found down.  These were on roadways and structures. Many buildings in the tornado's wake suffered minor to moderate structural damage. Significant damage was documented for processing by County EMA. Elsewhere crews cleared downed trees and assisted distressed residents.
Once checking back in with Accountability and Command, Kuhl Hose units were released and returned to quarters after 02:00.