10/10 - Kuhl Hose was dispatched to assist Waterford for a Structure Fire just after 7 Saturday evening.  683 arrived pulled a 2 1/2" and also used the deck gun to make the knock down. 145 arrived stretched a line to protect a propane tank and assist with knock down.   Water was shuttled by Kuhl, Waterford and Union City from Chapman's Pond about 4 miles away with Perry Hiway 432 establishing the supply at the fill site.  Edinboro 382 set up RIT and 383 assisted with an engine crew for manpower.  The fire was under control in 20 minutes and crews remained on the scene for a few hours to overhaul and extinguish the fire.  REHAB 68 assisted at the scene, along with Squad 147 and Emergycare 117.  The fire is under investigation by the Stancliff Hose and the State Police.