02/15 - Perry Hiway was dispatched to Old French Rd late Monday morning. Reports of a trailer fire were received by dispatch. Enroute Engine 423 was advised that the structure sat a considerable distance from the roadway. The driveway was over 2000 feet long and the involved structure.
423 arrived reported a working fire in a residential structure. The crew stretched a line and made the initial attack on the fire. 683 Engine arrived, backed down the driveway, established a drop tank water fill site and supplied 423. 683 crew pulled a 2nd line and assisted with fire suppression.
Tenders 435, 685 & 686 shuttled water from a hydrant at Old French and Robison Rd. The tenders backed down the driveway and filled the drop tank. The driveway conditions didn't allow for more than 1 piece of apparatus at a time.
Engine 362 & 363 crews arrived and had to walk the distance to the fire because there was no room for apparatus due to the water shuttle operation. Once at the scene 1 crew went to the roof for ventilation and the 2nd crew assisted with suppression efforts. Mckean Engine 405 arrived and their crew was assigned suppression and overhaul.

REHAB 68 assisted as well as Brookside manpower with the Mule to shuttle equipment and manpower. 

MPS stood by and evaluated several firefighters with minor issues, mostly due to the cold weather. No one was transported and there were no reportable injuries.  The Fire is under investigation by Perry Hiway and the State Police Fire Marshal.