03/24 - Kuhl Hose was dispatched to assist Wattsburg with a shed fire on the Phillipsville Rd just before 1:30 Thursday afternoon.   Chief 680 responded and called for an additional engine and tender to the assignment from Greenfield when dispatch reported the house was also on fire.  On arrival 680 reported multiple shed structures on fire and the residential structure in imminent danger.   Wattsburg Tender 176 arrived, took the address and stretched a line to protect the exposure and make a knock on the fire.  Crews from 172 and 1133 arrived shortly after and assisted with suppression and checking the residence for extension.   Tender 685 arrived and supplied 176.

On 683's arrival they were assigned the wild land fire management assignment.  The wild fire was quickly growing in size with multiple spot fires.  Corry 108 RIT and Elgin Beaverdam manpower arrived and were assigned to assist with building a fire line and containing the wild fire with 683.  

Greenfield 707 arrived and transported 1 occupant of the property to the hospital with chest pain & breathing difficulty. 

Crews were on scene for about 1 hour, the fire is under further investigation but appears to have started from outdoor burning.