Snow Rescue 1
2009 FWD
(Frank Winklebauer Design)

Housed at Private Residence

The 50+ miles of recreational snowmobile trails in Greene Township combined with a high rate of lake effect snow make a vehicle like this invaluable to the department. It was fabricated in 2009 by Fire Police Member Frank Winklebauer, then painted by Mr. Jim Johnson of Tate Rd.

Snow Rescue 1 has a capacity for one patient plus one attendant in a rear facing, belted seat. The patient carrying litter accepts all types of long backboards and stokes baskets.

When called into service, Snow Rescue 1 is delivered to the scene by Mr. Winklebauer with a custom outfitted snowmobile. If he is not available the device can be transported by one of several trained members of the local Wales Snow Drifters Snowmobile Club.