The ever expanding mission of the modern fire service requires us to be equipped and trained to handle a multitude of rescue situations such as Vehicle, Farm Equipment, Industrial Machinery and Water Rescue.

Vehicle Rescue

The overwhelming majority of rescue calls Kuhl Hose responds to are motor vehicle accidents. To accomplish this mission Kuhl Hose personnel are trained as Basic Vehicle Rescue Technicians and the department runs two BLS ambulances and one rescue pumper outfitted with various rescue equipment such as:

Holmatro CORE System
-Spreader 4240
-Cutter 4035 NCT
-Telescopic Ram Model 4350
(2) 32' CORE Hoses
Power Unit, Model DPU30

-High Pressure Air Bags
-Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts
-Holmatro BCT 3120 S.C.R.T.
-Holmatro HCT 3120 Hand Combi Tool
-10-ton Port-A-Power
-Basic Rope Rescue Equipment

-Stokes Basket
-Pneumatic Air Chissel (Ajax Tool)
-High-Lift Jacks
-Cutter's Edge Chain Saw
-SKED Stretcher




Farm Equipment & Machinery Rescue

Farming continues to play a significant role in the Greene Township community, there is a potential for injuries and entanglement caused by farming machinery. For this reason Kuhl Hose members drill on these type of rescue situations multiple times per year.



Snow Rescue

Kuhl Hose recently placed in to service a custom snow rescue sled for transporting patients from hard to access areas to an awaiting ambulance. To learn more about Snow Rescue 1 click on the picture below.

Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition

In 2008, Kuhl Hose received the Pennslyvania Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition at the First Responder Level.  The Certification was renewed in 2011.  This program is a joint venture of the Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services, the State Fire Commissioner and the Rescue Task Force of the PA Emergency Health Services Council.  The recognition was the second award in the seven counties of North Western Pennsylvania served by the EMMCO West regional EMS Council with our mutual aid neighbor,  Perry Hiway Hose Company being the first. As of 2010 Kuhl Hose remains one of only three departments in the area to maintain this recognition.


 Kuhl Hose spent the last two years working toward this recognition which encompassed completion of vehicle rescue training, use of power and hand tools, rope rescue training, Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder Training and most importantly our rescue vehicles and the equipment required.

Kuhl Hose, being a landlocked Township, covers 37 squares miles of area and runs mutual aid to 9 other Fire Departments with just 20 volunteers that are very dedicated to this recognition program. Kuhl Hose runs over 500 emergency responses with over 10% of these calls for rescue services. This recognition is up for renewal every three years.